You might ask yourself, well how does all of this work?

What can I expect to see, and when? ​

Well, let’s go through one example and we’ll break it down. Usually the first step is right where you’re at now, reading this site, thinking about comics and how they might apply to you. Once you decide to give us a shot, and think of an idea that you think will make a perfect gift for yourself or someone else, you either fill out the form on our Let’s Get Started Page, or you can call us or email us. We are more than happy to talk with you about your idea and help you get your adventure to come to life.  If you fill out the form it will contain most of the questions that we would probably talk about on the phone, but feel free to add any information that you want to to help communicate your idea to us.

​Below is an example of the images that were sent to us and part of the email explaining what our client wanted in the strip.

How Does It Work?

What we do next is sketch out the idea and send them back to get approval before we continue, just to make sure that you’re happy with the basic idea that is coming to life.

After everything is this far along we send over a low resolution version to you through email just to make sure that everything is as you hoped, and of course to give you a preview of what you’ve been looking forward to.  Once we have your final approval and payment we provide your Custom Comic Strip to you in the manner you wanted it, whether that is high quality digital media that you can print or have printed at your leisure or if you would like to have us professionally print and mount your Custom Comic Strip along with a variety of options. And that is more or less it in a nutshell.  

Hopefully the example above removes some of the mystery or any confusion you might have.  So please check out some of our examples, including the three part strip from the example above, on our examples page, and then go ahead and get in touch with us and bring your adventure to life.

Once you’re happy with the way things are looking then we really turn up the heat and we ink and color your image.